Refrigeration Conversion

Why it’s worth investing in a High Efficiency AC

Propane, Heating Oil, and Natural Gases are all expected to RISE through 2024.


Depending if any additional work or upgrades are needed. This graph is for informational purposes only and not an actual estimate, schedule a time to find out your Refrigerated Air conversion cost.

Things that might affect your refrigerated air cost:

  1. Ductwork
  2. Electrical
  3. Heating System
  4. SEER Rating

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Texas Geothermal Testimonials

Anonymous from Ft. Worth, TX says:
I have enjoyed all aspects of my Geothermal Units. My highest electric bill has been $200 for 4000 Sq ft at 68 degrees. One unique feature is that my husband likes our MasterBedroom at 66 degrees at has no trouble achieving this regardless of outside temperature. In addition we have already paid for the difference in cost between Geothermal versus a traditional airsource unit. We are especially able to enjoy all of these features due to our extremly knowledge Engineer…Dave Donnelly with Comfort Built Engineering.
Installed by: Dave Donnelly Comfort BLT

Berry from Huffman, TX says:
Had Geothermal system installed while building our new house. The house is 2200 sq.ft., with foam insulation, high effciency windows and lighting. Have 16×36 pool. Listed all about the house because the 1st year we averaged monthly electic bill of $106 with a pool. House is all electric except for propane water heater that was turned off June-September (free hot water)providing added savings. Expect electrical average to drop below $100 month since above included the hottest summer and 2nd hottest year on record for Houston area. We were nervous about installing but now know we made the correct decision. With tax credit and 1st annual savings we have already earned back the added costs over conventional air system. We are so proud that we have greatly reduced our carbon footprint. Our installer answered all questions and they have since proved correct as he stated.
Installed by: Allied Air of Texas

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